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Everyone has a story to tell

We want to help you bring out your best and fall in Love with your own personal success story. See what other Students are saying about their life changing experience at LARE.

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Meet Mary!

A 2022 Business Technology Graduate. Her Teachers describe her as a pleasure to have-for class, dedicated to her studies and a very hard worker. She fits in so well at our Andover Campus, we hired her recently as our new Case Manager. She knows where you are coming from and the challenges you face. She’s been there and can help you succeed every step of the way.

LARE is a school Where you just fit in. Where you can have fun and learn at the same time. Someone always made me feel important and confident I could accomplish my goal. They were always there for me.

Say Hello to Joselin!

She recently graduated from our Medical Assistant Program and was proud to pass her CPT and CCMA exams. It was a dream come true for Joselyn, who had always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. And our combination of in-person and on-line classes during the pandemic gave her the opportunity to do just that.

LARE Institute Instructors Lynne and Jen were amazing Teachers, they always made themselves available to all the Students for anything we needed. Their lectures were well put together and informative and because of that I always felt prepared for our weekly tests. I am very much looking forward to beginning my career as a Certified Medical Assistant and can’t thank the people at LARE enough for helping me achieve my dreams.

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Adult male student wearing a blue cap and gown speaking at the podium during a graduation ceremony

Michael Found Success!

LARE Institute is like no other technical training institute. When LARE Institute Alum Michael Gary shared his inspiring story at his Graduation Celebration, he told of reinventing his life as a 52-year-old man. Gary was raised in a time when people set out to work for one company for their entire career. But after 21 years with a company that shut down and another 14 with a company that relocated, the single father of six decided he needed a new career path.

That’s when he came to LARE. Balancing Dad duties with homework, paying the bills, making dinner, and folding the laundry, Gary earned his state, global, and industry-recognized certification as a Pharmacy Technician. As the class wrapped up, LARE helped place Gary in an externship, where he was eventually offered a job.

LARE became Gary’s second family, helping him learn new and marketable skills. It’s what we do for hundreds of Students and Graduates each and every year.

Students LOVE LARE Success!

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Listen to Shahira!

Like many of our students, she is a young mother of 2 toddlers with a strong desire to make something of her life and to make her children proud of who she is. Having dreams of becoming a nurse, she set a goal of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. There was just one thing holding her back; she had no childcare. With the help of our career Case Managers at LARE and DTA, she was afforded the opportunity to enroll her children in daycare when she attended training. She graduated from our CNA/HHA program with honors and is not stopping there. Employed at a local healthcare agency, she is now enrolled in a nursing program.

Thank you LARE! I could not have done it without the support and encouragement you gave me every step along the way. You changed my life around. I’m proud of my accompHshments. And my children are proud ofme, too.

Here's Anna!

Beating impossible odds and seemingly insurmountable challenges is what Anna has accomplished. Enrolled in our MS Office & Customer Service program, she received her Certificate from NRFF in Customer Service and MS Word Certification. She struggled through the program while having to raise two young girls, but with the help and commitment of her LARE Institute Instructor, she was able to obtain the skills needed to successfully get back to work in an office environment. She began working at the prestigious MGH; Mass General Hospital where she is a patient registration administrator.

Facing the challenges of being a single mother and raising two young daughters is never easy. LARE understood what I was going through and what it takes to succeed. With their help I am on my way to an amazing career that I didn’t think was possible. Yes, I love LARE!

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Meet Van!

Van is a Student who is legally blind. For years he tried to get his HiSET degree with no luck. Until he enrolled with LARE. With dedicated help from his LARE Institute Instructor during evening sessions, he passed all his required exams with flying colors. The result? He is now the proud recipient of his HiSET degree. All because LARE focuses on the possibilities not the challenges.

Words cannot express how thrilled I am! This is something I will never forget. LARE believed in me, and my future career opportunities are brighter than ever before.

Employers Love LARE as well.
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